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Scanography giclée




If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.

Landescape art prints are more than decoration. They’re perfect for someone equally unique. The artwork is produced with the process called scanography and embodied in the giclée technique on museum quality paper.

Beautiful and ethereal

Scanography is the process of capturing digitized images of objects for the purpose of creating printable art. It’s related to photography, but also very distant. It may seem like a painting, but it’s not. It can be a lot of things, but one thing is for sure – it’s a new way to view the world around us.

Intrigued by the abundance of groundcover beauty, we wanted to see what’ll happen, if we scan a plant. It was love at first sight. The most exciting part is the play. You never know what’s going to happen. And you never know what to expect. The vivid plant life as an image. Scan lines, dust, soil, and pollen accompany each artwork because they show the true nature of it all. That’s why Landescape was created.


Giclée is a printing process combining mineral-based archival inks with high-quality paper to achieve fine art prints of superior archival quality, light fastness, and deep vibrant colors. When compared to other “traditional” printing methods, giclée offers incredibly high degrees of fidelity and richness of color. In other words, there IS a difference. The general impression of an image printed with the giclée technique lies in its powerful appearance.  

Our work is printed on 315 gsm 100% cotton fourdrinier, acid-free, museum quality paper with a high white finish and silky smooth surface.

Limited editions and sizes

All our scanography giclée artworks are signed & numbered by the artist and in limited editions. Most are available in numbers up to 50 per size, with special editions in either 25, 10 or less per artwork.

The artworks are available in two sizes 30 × 40 and 50 × 70 cm. Occasionally, there will be special editions that will differ in size from our usual ones or available in one size only. For custom sizes (bigger than 50 × 70 cm), please contact us at


Plants are silent, but even their silence says a lot.

Landescape’s illustrations reflect their gentleness in strength and simplicity of life. Minimalistic and soft, their quiet story seen through our eyes and put on paper. They’ll find a home with anyone who appreciates their innocence.


Say it with flowers.

Landescape’s selection of postcards will overwhelm even those who don’t believe in romance. These small-sized scanographies are silky-soft to the touch and a perfect gift for every loved one.