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Our story

The plant is the star of the show, and we are merely background players who make her beauty visible.

Landescape Studio

Have you ever wandered through the woods and suddenly get the feeling that the forest knows you?

Or maybe the plant you meet on your way to work? That they somehow sense your innermost fears, desires, and secrets?

We want to bring that experience closer to you. Our philosophy is to evoke the emotions you get while walking through landscapes. We create poetry that invites you to indulge your senses. It gets into your soul, allowing you to breathe in even the tiniest details.

Nothing that exists is without imperfections.

Landescapes work  transcends the virtues of Western culture and brings the viewer into its own world of serene melancholy and spiritual longing under the guidance of Wabi-sabi, the key to understanding the Japanese concept of beauty. Incompleteness and imperfection are not to be frowned upon but are cherished and praised.   

Ljubljana-based art studio

We work and create in the field of visual arts. Our aesthetic strongly reflects a fascination toward living organisms — plants.

Landescape’s art  is more than decoration. It becomes one with you and your living space. Its mystical appearance creates an intriguing atmosphere which simply can’t leave you indifferent. We care that you get the best quality of what we do, that’s why all our products are handled with the highest standard of professionalism.

I’m Dajana

Dajana Jurman-Osip is a visual artist and a TV/film scenic designer working across the fields of art and set design. She finds the love for her work in the processes itself, accompanied by continual learning, exploring and experimenting.

After receiving her Master’s degree in Art Education from the Academy of Applied Arts, at the University of Rijeka in 2017,

she moved to Slovenia. In her college years, her artwork was based on searching for the connection between mankind and plant. That period was the starting point of growing as an artist.

Having Nature as her greatest inspiration, she has a constant urge to create. Landescape will hopefully be her lifetime project and she’ll do her best to make it bloom.

and I’m Surya

Surya’s humble beginning started in the city of Kamnik, just under the Alps. His youth was enriched with hiking trips, the exploration of local flora … but mostly fauna, long Lego blocks sessions, drawing and sketching, sci-fi movies and, of course, cartoons.

All of these were the fuel that fed his thirst for knowledge and eventually leads him to his Master’s degree in Graphic design.

The love of animate and inanimate objects, from insects to crystals, order, and disorder, is deeply rooted in all aspects of his life.

He has an eye for detail, a slight obsession with forms and the way they connect. Exploring the first two dimensions paved the way into 3D space, where it all fused together into the bedrock underneath Landescape.